Sport Nation

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 The Sport Nation Offer

The Bet

1. Open an account with Sport Nation.

Make sure to enter the promotional code on screen.

2. Deposit £200.

As you’ve entered the promotional code as directed, you “Bonus” funds should be instantly credited to your account.

You can bet this in any way you want, you could do 1 big bet of £300 and hope it losses in the exchange to avoid the rollover.
You could do a succession of smaller bets.
3. As Sport-Nation aren’t on the odds-matcher, you must manually search between both Sport-Nation and Betfair to find something to bet on, with close odds between the two, with:

Minimum “Back” odds of 2.0

4. Using the calculator, work out your bets.

Select “Normal” in “Bet type” box
Bookmaker stake: (Whatever you choose)
Enter the bookmaker “Back” odds
Enter the exchange “Lay” odds
Click “Calculate”

5. Place your “Back” bet with the bookmaker.

6. Place your “Lay” bet with Betfair using the “Lay” amount as directed by the calculator. (making sure you have enough to cover the liability).

7. Await result.

8. Collect winnings (Once all £300 has been wagered and lost on Sport-Nation)

Continue until you have rolled-over £2100 with Sport-Nation or you lose all funds into the exchange.
You have 90 days to complete the roll-over requirements.