Hi Guys,
I was introduced by Tony to Matched-Betting and at first didn’t believe how there could be a way to make money from my phone and what’s more have that money virtually guaranteed (as long as I followed the rules).

For the next couple of days, I did my research online, looking particularly for negative reviews of Matched-Betting, I was amazed to find that there weren’t any, everywhere I researched, everyone was saying that it’s a real opportunity, even people like Martin Lewis (the £ Saving-Expert), the Times, The Guardian, and Netmums and many others.

I soon came to realise that matched-betting was nothing to do with gambling as you can guarantee profit every time.

I focused on learning the basics and soon, decided to place my first bet, which netted me a profit of £45, from then on in I was hooked and to date am still making a regular income via Matched-Betting.

We first decided to create the website to teach others how to matched-bet, to make it easier for everyone how they could use this as a secondary income.

There are 3 golden rules of Matched-Betting in my opinion.
• Research and understand Match-Betting
• Follow the rules
• Make Money

Q and A

Biggest Win?

My biggest win happened on a horse race when I was doing a roll-over.

The offer was “Best Odds guaranteed”, what it means is if the horse starts the race at higher odds than when the bet was placed and it wins, you get the higher odds

In my example, I put £100 on a horse at odds of 5/1 and “Laid” at odds of 5/1 for a slight qualifying loss, I placed the bet around 4 hours before the beginning of the race.

By the time the race started, that particular horses’ odds had dropped to 8/1, the horse then went on to win the race, meaning instead of Bet365 paying out £500, (£100 x 5), they paid me out £800, the “Lay” however, stayed the same, so I made £295 just for the horses odds rising.

Have you ever made a mistake?

Yes, I once “Laid” a bet before placing my “back” bet, this was a rookie move on my part and cost me £10.

Top tip(s) for anyone starting out?

My top tips are very simple and should be done in this order:

1. Understand the concepts (this is very simple – just watch a couple of the intro videos).
2. ALWAYS follow the examples (Matched-Betting is risk-free as long as you place the bets exactly as we say).
3. Bet early (Betting a few hours before an event means that the odds are less likely to change).
4. Always place your “Back” bet first.
5. NEVER take risks (we set up this site to help people make money, the last thing we would ever want is for one of our site users to ever lose money, but thankfully, if you follow our examples, that’s near impossible).

Any questions, then don’t hesitate to drop me an email at mike@profit-tree.com