Hi everyone, thanks for taking a look at profit tree.

I am Tony Alvarez and am a full time matched bettor. Matched betting has been my sole income for over 2 years

I started off like a lot of people and I stumbled across matched betting via a link on Facebook, it sounded too good to be true but as I'm inquisitive / nosy I researched it non stop for about 5 days, I didn’t place a single bet I just searched things like "is matched betting a scam?"

Once I'd convinced myself, I jumped in with both feet as I'd already established that it was a viable source of income.

After 6 or so months I quit my job, I was making similar amounts from matched betting as I was from my job, but waking up when I wanted and working when I wanted.
I've never looked back, it may have been a rash decision at the time but my boss moaning at me about a misplaced packet of crisps really was the last straw.

Since then I've personally introduced over 150 people to matched betting, some who have stuck with it for a long time and gone on to introduce their own friends and family and others who have done a few sign ups and left it there.

I have also influenced many others that I don’t know as I have YouTube videos talking about and explaining matched betting which have thousands of views.

I believe that I am responsible for well in excess of £250,000 clear profit being made for the people I have introduced. (If you are one of those people and reading this I will accept 10% as a thank you)

Q & A

Biggest / Best Win?
I wrote a whole blog on this.
It happened in April 2017 at the Grand National. In a nutshell I backed every horse in the field and guaranteed profit, I ended up with £495 profit but had a potential profit range between £175-£710 depending on which horse finished fifth.

That was my biggest win but one I prefer was arbing the correct score market on one bookmaker in a match between AC Milan and Juventus. People seem to think matched betting is finished after the sign ups, but this proved that it isn’t and I also caught it on video and uploaded to YouTube. I made a touch over £100 in around 45 minutes.

Have you ever made a mistake?

Yes, I was still quite new to matched betting but getting cocky as I'd made quite a bit, I made probably the cardinal sin of matched betting; laying first on an in-play event. I have no idea why I did it but as I laid and went to place the back bet a goal was scored meaning the odds came tumbling, I lost around £300. All my own fault, I always say the only risk with matched betting is human error and I made a very big error, luckily it was only profit I'd lost as I was already over £300 up that week, it also made me double my efforts and at the time that month was my best ever month.

Top tip for anyone starting out?

Take your time, make sure you understand what you are doing.
Don’t see others making decent money and just dive in when you’re unsure what you are doing.
Also once you are comfortable what you are doing don’t be too cautious with your betting bank (I would never encourage anyone to use more than they can afford) but by being too careful your only costing yourself extra profit.

Will matched betting come to an end anytime soon?

I get asked this question more than any other and have done since the day I started telling people that I was matched betting, My view remains the same now as it did then, there is no end in sight.

Bookies will always be competing for customers, the way they will get more is by good offers or great odds, either one of those plays into our hands as matched bettors.

There’s also more bookies popping up every day, trying to make a dent into the market again they have to do something to be competitive.

I believe in the next year we will see the emergence of no limit bookmakers who offer amazing odds but no offers, if that does happen as predicted matched betting will be more profitable than ever before.

Thanks for reading and we hope you join us at profit tree, if you have any questions about anything I've written here or about matched betting in general drop me an email

I look forward to hearing from you.