Hi people, My name is Ashley.

Tony introduced me to matched betting around 18 months ago.

The next morning he was around my house and gave me a 30 minute tutorial, from which I made £15 profit and the rest is history.

I continued to work full time, so I was only matched betting during the evenings and weekends. Twelve months later I had made enough money to invest, and continued to work for me as a substantial second income.

Q & A

Biggest / Best Win?

It has to be one of the each-way offers Bet365 do.
Its a crazy guaranteed £195 but potential to earn a lot more. I managed to make £384 on this before.

Another big win was a best odds guaranteed on William Hill where I was doing an arb to make £6 profit but ended up making £48 due to the back odds being higher than I calculated at the time of placing the bet.

With matched betting, however, it is just as important to do the smaller offers, I have done at least over 3000 bets that have made me £4 at time.

Don't miss them out. It soon adds up.

Have you ever made a mistake?

Yes, Tennis! Don't bet on Tennis!

The player I bet on pulled out so I lost my bet on the bookie side, but I also wasn't given the Lay bet as that was deemed to be void. In this case the bet was not matched.
I should have read the T's & C's more carefully but I learned from it. Stay away from Tennis.

Top tips for anyone starting out?

Its not a competition. Invite friends and family and work together. We will all profit together.

Don't get greedy.
Don't take any risks.
This system works, there’s no need to change it.
Do your training in our training centre for FREE.
Ask for help, that’s why we are here for FREE.
Keep to the simple formulas and don't get emotionally involved.
Use the software - will save you so much time and make you more money.

This is simple maths that will give you some extra tax free income.

Most of all enjoy it.

Drop me an email if you want to ask anything: