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 The Grosvenor Offer

For this offer, Grosvenor will give us a 100% profit boost on our first £10 bet.
We can do this on any sports market.

Once you have found the event and odds you’d like to place the bet on you need to work out the odds to enter into the bet calculator.

1. Multiply the current odds by 2

2. Minus 1 from this number
This will give you the double odds

So, if your original odds are 4.0,

You must multiply this by 2, which equals 8
Then minus 1 from this number, which leaves 7

The profit boost offer

1. Open an account with Grosvenor.

2. Deposit £10.

3. Grosvenor are not on the odds-matcher but use the same odds as 888sport, so search for 888sport in the software to find a close match between them odds and the Betfair “Lay” odds, with:

There are no minimum odds for this bet.
Maximum “Back” odds of 21.0

Make sure you calculate the (profit-boost) odds by using the example near the top of the page.

4. Using the calculator, work out your bets.

Select “Normal” in “Bet type” box
Bookmaker stake: £10
Enter the re-calculated (profit-boost) bookmaker “Back” odds
Enter the exchange “Lay” odds (There’s no need to alter these odds)
Click “Calculate”

Note: If your profit boost doesn't appear on Desktop, then try using it on a Mobile device instead.
5. Place your “Back” bet.

6. Place your “Lay” bet with Betfair using the “Lay” amount as directed by the calculator. (making sure you have enough to cover the liability).

7. Await result.

8. Collect your winnings.

As long as you remembered to use the formula above, the calculator will show you a profit.

This is due to the huge difference in odds between the back odds and the lay odds.