Football Index

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Football index:

This is risk free but there is no guarantee to make profit

However, it is worth having a go as there is a chance to win a decent amount.

This isn’t your typical bet £x get £x.

Football Index

In Football Index you can buy shares in footballers whose value goes up and down based on a number of factors, including:

• Popularity (How many other users are buying that player)
• Media appearances (How frequent they appear in the media)
• Performance (How well they’re playing)

Football index let you use up to £500 risk free for a week. So deposit as much as you want (up to £500) and buy shares in players.

If you are in profit after 5 days, sell your shares in your players and withdraw your profit.

If you are down then simply email Football Index and tell them you don’t want to use them any more, and they will refund your full deposit up to £500.