Setting a budget

How much do you need to start matched betting?

We would suggest a minimum budget of £50 when first delving into Matched-betting.

We call this your ‘pot’ and it’s important to have this build up over time with profits made from matched-betting as the offers get bigger, as does the return of profit.

It must be said that if you did invest just £50, you would struggle to complete all the offers in less than a month.

Another thing that could dictate the funds needed to start ‘matched-betting’ is roll-overs.

These are rules made by certain book-makers that say that if the offer wins at their site (the ‘Back’ bet), then you must complete a roll-over, these roll-over amounts can vary dependent on the book-maker and the potential return of the offer.

We would strongly suggest that if you do start with a budget of less than £100, don’t complete any offers with roll-over requirements until you have built up your pot.

One of the major things that affects the time to complete all the introductory offers is whether the offers win at the book-makers or in the betting exchange.

If offers win at the book-makers

If this happens, then you may have to complete rollovers in order to withdraw your profit, this is usually done until the roll-over amount has been met or until the offers have lost on the book-maker site and the funds will of course then be in you Betfair Exchange account.

If you have completed all the roll-over requirements and the funds are available to withdraw straight form the book-maker, it can take a few days to come back into your account.

If the offers win in the Betfair Exchange

If this does happen then this is good as you will use the betting exchange for all your bets and will need to have funds in there to cover the ‘Lay’ offers and their associated liabilities.

If you do need to withdraw from the betting exchange, this again, can take around 5 working days.

Negatives of starting with just £50

• You will have to complete the offers individually.
• You will struggle to complete the offers in one month.
• High liabilities means smaller odds, reducing the profit made.

If you start with £100:
-You will struggle to complete all the offers in one month.
-You will need the bets to win in the Exchange otherwise they will need to withdraw from bookie to be able to put into exchange which can take up to 5 working days each time.
-You will have to stick to lower odds as not enough liability in the exchange = less profit on the free bets plus more chance of winning into the bookie and emptying the exchange
-Complete offers one by one.
-Need to have a strict plan that fits with budget eg. First offer must be a low qualifier and low free bet such as bet £25 get £25 as offered by William Hill and build up until you can do the bigger more profitable offers.

If you start with £1000:
-Should complete All the sign up offers within 30 days. Depending on the bets winning into your exchange majority of the time, this is why we use higher odds where we can.
-Higher odds = more profit on the free bets plus more chance of profits going into the exchange.
-Complete multiple offers at a single time
-Can complete higher offers e.g. bet £50 get £50 as offered by Ladbrokes and onto the even more profitable bet £200 get £200 as offered by Bet365

-Should be able to continue offers without the exchange being wiped out completely should any bets win in the bookmakers.

It is important to point out that whatever funds you choose to use are always in your control, you are only putting money into established bookmakers which can be withdrawn at any time but may take a few days to arrive back in your bank account. Aside from your Oddsmatcher fee that we highly recommend (£9.99) you will never be paying a penny to Profit Tree.